AudioManager  7.5.11
Native Application Runtime Environment
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNamA Common-API wrapper class, which loads the common-api runtime and instantiates all necessary objects
|oCCAmCommandReceiverThis class realizes the command Interface
|oCCAmCommandSenderThis class is used to send data to the CommandInterface
|oCCAmControlReceiverThis class is used to receive all commands from the control interface
|oCCAmControlSenderSends data to the commandInterface, takes the file of the library that needs to be loaded
|oCCAmDatabaseHandlerMapThis class handles and abstracts the database
|oCCAmDatabaseObserverThis class observes the Database and notifies other classes about important events, mainly the CommandSender
|oCCAmGraphElementThis class is base class for nodes and vertices
|oCCAmGraphClass representing a directed or undirected graph
|oCam_RoutingNodeData_sA structure used as user data in the graph nodes
|oCCAmRouterImplements an autorouting algorithm for connecting sinks and sources via different audio domains
|oCCAmRoutingReceiverImplements the Receiving side of the RoutingPlugins
|oCCAmRoutingSenderImplements the RoutingSendInterface
||\CInterfaceNamePairs< is used to pair interfaces with busnames
|oCCAmTelnetMenuHelperHelper class for CAmTelnetServer
|oCCAmTelnetServerImplements a telnetserver that can be used to connect to the audiomanager, retrieve some information and use it
|oCIAmDatabaseHandlerThis class handles and abstracts the database
|oCCAmDbusWrapperThis wraps dbus and provides everything needed to anyone who wants to use dbus (including plugins)
|oCCAmDltWrapperWraps around the dlt
||\CNoDltContextDataThis structure is used for context data used in an application
|oCCAmSerializerMagic class that does the serialization of functions calls The constructor must be called within the main threadcontext, after that using the overloaded template function call will serialize all calls and call them within the main thread context
|oCIAmShPollPreparePrototype for poll prepared callback
|oCIAmShPollFiredPrototype for poll fired callback
|oCIAmShPollCheckPrototype for poll check callback
|oCIAmShPollDispatchPrototype for dispatch callback
|oCIAmShTimerCallBackPrototype for the timer callback
|oCCAmSocketHandlerThe am::CAmSocketHandler implements a mainloop for the AudioManager
|oCTAmShTimerCallBackTemplate to create the functor for a class
|oCTAmShPollPrepareTemplate for a callback
|oCTAmShPollFiredMake private, not public template for a callback
|oCTAmShPollCheckTemplate for a callback
|oCTAmShPollDispatchTemplate for a callback
|oCCAmWatchdogImplements the watchdog of the AudioManager with the help of systemd
|oCam_Availability_sThis describes the availability of a sink or a source together with the latest change
|oCam_ClassProperty_sDescribes class properties
|oCam_Crossfader_sThis struct describes the attribiutes of a crossfader
|oCam_Converter_sThis struct describes the attributes of a converter
|oCam_Gateway_sThis struct describes the attributes of a gateway
|oCam_RoutingElement_sThis represents one "hopp" in a route
|oCam_Route_sList of routing elements that lead from source to sink
|oCam_SoundProperty_sStruct describing the sound property
|oCam_SystemProperty_sStruct describing system properties
|oCam_SinkClass_sStruct describing sinkclasses
|oCam_SourceClass_sStruct describing source classes
|oCam_SourceType_sThis type holds all information of sources relevant to the HMI
|oCam_SinkType_sThis type holds all information of sinks relevant to the HMI
|oCam_Handle_sHandle is used for asynchronous operations and is uniquely assigned for each of this operations
|oCam_MainSoundProperty_sStruct describung mainsound property
|oCam_MainConnectionType_sThis type holds all information of connections relevant to the HMI
|oCam_MainConnection_sStruct that holds attribiutes of a mainconnection
|oCam_NotificationPayload_sThis struct holds the payload of a notification
|oCam_NotificationConfiguration_sThis struct holds information about the configuration for notifications
|oCam_Sink_sThis struct describes the attribiutes of a sink
|oCam_Source_sThis struct describes the attribiutes of a source
|oCam_Domain_sThis struct describes the attribiutes of a domain
|oCam_EarlyData_uData type depends of am_EarlyDataType_e: volume_t in case of ED_SOURCE_VOLUME, ED_SINK_VOLUME soundProperty_t in case of ED_SOURCE_PROPERTY, ED_SINK_PROPERTY
|oCam_DataType_uData type depends of am_EarlyDataType_e: sourceID in case of ED_SOURCE_VOLUME, ED_SOURCE_PROPERTY sinkID in case of ED_SINK_VOLUME, ED_SINK_PROPERTY
|oCam_Volumes_sThis types describe a mixed description for source and sinks volumes
|oCIAmCommandReceiveThe interface towards the Controlling Instance (e.g HMI)
|oCIAmCommandSendThis interface handles all communication from the AudioManagerDaemon towards the system
|oCIAmControlReceiveThis interface gives access to all important functions of the audiomanager that are used by the AudioManagerController to control the system
|oCIAmControlSendThis interface is presented by the AudioManager controller
|oCIAmRoutingReceiveRouting Receive sendInterface description
|\CIAmRoutingSendThis class implements everything from Audiomanager -> RoutingAdapter There are two rules that have to be kept in mind when implementing against this interface:
oCDltContextThis structure is used for every context used in an application
\CDltContextDataThis structure is used for context data used in an application